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Montreal, Laval and regions throughout Quebec.


Do you have reason to believe that your spouse may be cheating on you, and would like to know the truth. As private investigators we gather the facts for our clients regarding infidelity in order for them to either proceed in a court of law with their attorney, or to simply bring closure for them to move ahead with their lives.

What We Do :

We provide surveillance on the subject in question, in order to gather the information and obtain the facts as to what we been mandated for by our client. Photographs and Video are taken throughout our investigation as well as a detailed report. The duration of each investigation is based on how long the client wants us to work on his or her file. Often the clients will have intuition as to the time of day or the actual days that their spouses either arrive home later then normal, on weekends, etc etc. By providing this information to the investigator is important in order for us to schedule and proceed within a reasonable time frame.

​All Investigations are Confidential & Discreet whereas the final report will only be presented to the client. In addition should the client proceed with our findings in a court of law, the Investigator(s) who worked on your file can testify in a courtroom the evidence gathered durning their investigation.